For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united with his wife, and they will become one flesh.   Genesis Ch 2 v 24.

God's Intention for Marriage

Marriage is intended by God to be a creative relationship, as his blessing enables husband and wife to love and support each other in good times and in bad, and to share in the care and upbringing of children.  For Christians, marriage is also an invitation to share life together in the spirit of Jesus Christ.  It is based upon a solemn, public and life-long covenant between a man and a woman, declared and celebrated in the presence of God and before witnesses.
(from the Marriage Service, Common Worship)

Our Aim

In all three of our churches we try to support those who are already married and to help those wanting to get married in one of our churches to prepare as well as possible for their wedding day.   We aim to help all couples who marry in our churches to have a wonderful wedding and more importantly have a happy and long lasting marriage.  We encourage all couples who we marry to attend a marriage preparation morning which we run each year on the Saturday nearest to Valentine’s Day.

Graeme and Nerys


In order to be married in one of our churches, at least one partner should be resident in that parish or have strong connections with it.  Most couples getting married do so by having their banns of marriage read.  On three consecutive Sundays in the main church service we announce your intention to get married and ask if there is any reason why you may not (this is a legal requirement).  You do not have to be at the services when the banns are read but most couples like to be and we always pray for you by name when your banns are read. 

For all marriage enquiries See below for details of Marriage Fees.

Further information

For further information on weddings please contact the Rector, Duncan Beet.  You may also find the links on the Church of England website to Getting Married in Church, and the on-line Ceremony Planner helpful as you plan your wedding day.

Ongoing support

Whilst it may feel that making it as far as your wedding day, through all the planning and preparation is a great achievement, we recognise that your wedding day is only the start of your married life.  One of the ways we help couples who are already married is through running a marriage enrichment course.

Rob and Laura

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Marriage Fees (2017)

  Statutory Fees


      Publication of Banns (each church)


      Certificate of Banns (if required)


      Marriage Service (including Marriage Certificate)



  Optional Fees * (strongly encouraged - see note below)


      Verger's Fee



  Fees for Organ and Bells




      Bell Ringers' Fee



         "        "          "



         "        "          "




  Standard Package A (no bells)
Covers Banns, Marriage Service, Verger and Organist



  Standard Package B (with bells)
        Covers Banns, Marriage Service, Verger, Organist and Bells









  Package C
        Statutory fees (banns and marriage service)
        plus your selection from the optional, organist and bell fees.


*  Optional fees go to those who are involved in making the wedding happen.

The Verger gets the church building ready for the wedding, making sure everything is clean and tidy.  He/she is usually at the wedding rehearsal so that you can meet them.  They are the first to arrive and last to leave on the wedding day itself which means that not only can the florist get in but so can your guests!  The Verger puts in an average of 5 hours per wedding.

  The fee for the bell ringers varies between the churches because of the different numbers of bells.

Sileby (10),   Cossington (5),   Seagrave (3).

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