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The Marriage Course is for couples of all ages who have been married for many years or just a few months; for those whose marriage is really sound and for those who are going through a testing time.  It is usually run one evening a week for eight weeks starting with a meal before watching a humorous DVD which gives you as a couple something to discuss privately with one another (couples do not share personal details with others).  Courses are based on a Christian view of marriage but should prove helpful for those of any faith or none.


Comments from people who've recently attended the Marriage Course

"Since the Marriage Course our relationship, we feel, has dramatically improved.  We listen, understand each other's needs and and know how to love each other.  We ensure time is well spent together and intend to do this for the rest of our lives as we recently married."

"Clear all preconceptions of courses / counselling from your head.  We are men, we are stubborn!  The women think they are always right?  But for this course it is vital to enter it open-minded.  It's nothing you would imagine it to be; both John and Jill do an excellent job in maintaining a relaxed and sociable atmosphere and yet private between couples when it needs to be."


The course is in general run annually in the autumn by John and Jill Waddington.  You can find out more about it on the The Marriage Course website or by contacting us by email or on 01509 813219.

Enjoying a meal together

Enjoying a meal together at the start of the evening

Jill and John Waddington

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