House Groups


A typical house group has about 10 people.  It includes times to chat and catch up with other group members over coffee, a bible study led by the group leaders and a short time of prayer to talk to God about what has been discussed and to pray for one another.  The group normally lasts for about an hour and a half.  People who belong to a house group find them to be places in which friendships with others in the church family can be made and deepened, a place to learn from the Bible and a place for encouragement, practical support through prayer and pastoral care.

We have nine house groups that meet in the homes of different members of the church family.  They meet at different times of the week (some during the day and on different weekday evenings) and there are groups in each of the three villages.  For more details on house groups please contact Duncan Beet.


Comments from people who've recently joined a house group on what they most value:

"The house group is fun, supportive and really encouraging, it's great to share the good news of Jesus with new friends and also know you can ask any questions, nothing is out of bounds."

"Having people in church who know you well and care about you"

"My time at house group is a chance to get together with people from the church family during the week, to spend time looking at the bible and to have fun getting to know new people.  It's my night in the week to think about others and ... at my house group, eat puddings!"