Drinks and chat after the service


What Happens at a Typical 11.00 Service?


When you arrive you'll be welcomed by one of the sidespersons and handed a notice sheet and a service sheet.  Service details and hymns are projected onto a screen.

Receiving a service sheet on arrival

Leading worship songs

Please feel free to sit anywhere, there are no set places or anything like that. 

We begin by singing a hymn or song together.  Older hymns are played on the organ, more modern songs are led by the music group.

The congregation join
in singing a hymn

Sarah leads the children
in worship with actions


We then have a time led by the Children's Ministry Team.  This is a short time of teaching specifically aimed at children - it is usually highly interactive!  Often there will be a song with lots of actions to follow - do join in with the actions if you'd like to - some people do, others prefer not to and that's fine.  At 11.15 the children leave for their XTB Groups or the Crèche except for the All−Age Service on the first Sunday of each month where the children stay in the service throughout.

Sarah leads the children
in worship with actions

    Children join in with 
actions during worship

Children join in with 
actions during worship

Sarah leads the actions

        The children join in

In church we then have two bible readings, more songs and hymns and a short time of prayer which is led by a member of the congregation.  There is always a talk from one of the bible passages that has already been read.  This is usually given by Richard, our Rector, and seeks to explain what the passage means and to show how it applies to our lives.  We're always encouraged to have the passage of the bible open in front of us.  Don't worry - bibles and page numbers are provided!

Reading a passage

Recordings of sermons are available on line at:   http://www.youtube.com/user/StMarysSileby/feed

Once a month we have a Communion service where we remember Jesus' death by eating bread and drinking wine.  Everyone is very welcome at Communion services but, if you're not yet trusting in Jesus' death, it's best not to receive the bread and the wine yet.  Some people like to go forward for a prayer of blessing, others prefer just to sit where they are.

Mingling for tea and coffee
after the service

Most services are around an hour in length.  All-Age Services are more like 45 minutes, communion services 1¼ hours.  Most people stay for tea and coffee afterwards, a great chance to get to know people and feel more part of the church family.  At this time there's also the opportunity to receive individual prayer for anyone who wishes it.

So that's a virtual service, why not come and try out the real thing!

XTB and Deep Impact Groups

We really value the younger members of our church family and feel it is important for them to learn about God in a fun and exciting way.  Explore the Bible and Deep Impact Groups meet during the 11.00 Service on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Sundays each month.  (On the 4th Sunday, All-Age Service, they stay in the service throughout.)

3 - 5 year olds
Games and activities to help pre-school and reception children learn about God.

5 - 7 year olds  -  school years 1 - 3
Fun, games and stories.  Learning about God and how to be a friend of Jesus.

7 - 11 year olds  -  school years 4 - 6
Bible-based stories and activities encouraging the older children to develop their faith.

11 - 16 year olds  -  school years 7 - 11
Tackling the big issues, teenage life, what the Bible has to say about God, us and the Christian life.

We are always happy to welcome new children into any of the groups.




At the 11.00 service we have a manned crèche for the 0 − 3 year olds.  If you are a parent with young children, we encourage you to leave your child with our crèche helpers so that they can play in a happy and safe environment whilst you are able to enjoy the service.  If there are any problems, one of the helpers will come to find you.

Marty looks at a book 
with children in the crèche

Please note that everyone who works with children is fully DBS checked.
(Disclosure and Barring Service, formerly CRB)


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